APR in Cannes


For the past 26 years ACID filmmakers have been promoting the distribution of independent films and have been forging strong links with filmmakers all over the world.

At a time where politicians talk of the return of borders and of nationalism, cinema has, more than ever, a role to play: to broaden horizons, to break down barriers, to nurture what Serge Daney described as: « A feeling of belonging to a common humanity through an additional country ». This sense of belonging has been explored for a long time in films and through films. But not only that. It also strengthens the idea of international solidarity that is created by people who make films.

Over the past several years, filmmakers across the globe have started to get involved in issues such as independent cinema distribution and public education. ACID has thus built partnerships over the years with Argentina, Belgium, Spain, Egypt, Portugal…

In 2017 ACID launched a new program at the Cannes film festival: ACID TRIP, offered every year to an international filmmakers’ association, an ACID’s partner involved in topics of film distribution and public education.

After ACID TRIP #1 Serbia in 2017, ACID filmmakers have selected three Portuguese features among a selection proposed by the APR (Portuguese Association of Filmmakers), in order to spotlight contemporary Portuguese Cinema. These three films will screen during the first weekend of Cannes film festival, in presence of the filmmakers.



by Pedro Cabeleira


by Teresa Villaverde


by Leonor Teles