Letter of Protest and solidarity

In Portugal, film directors, producers, actors, technicians, distributors, film festivals and cinema guilds wrote an open letter to the Portuguese government, for which they received the support of the international community of cinema.


For decades Portugal has distinguished itself in the international film world. Despite being a small country with a miniscule national film market (less than a dozen national feature films are distributed in theatres per year) the percentage of Portuguese films that are shown in international festivals is very high. Systematically, since the 1980’s, Portuguese cinema has been lauded with cinema cycles and tributes; retrospectives about the work of numerous Portuguese filmmakers have been hosted internationally – several of these authors are still active (some subscribing this text), others have unfortunately passed away (João César Monteiro, Paulo Rocha, Fernando Lopes, António Reis, José Álvaro Morais, António Campos and, of course, Manoel de Oliveira). The “miracle” of the high international visibility of Portuguese films in relation to the small number of films produced – throughout decades and generations – is unquestionably due to the merit of the filmmakers, technicians, actors and producers in Portugal. It was also due to a cultural strategy that stimulated the production of a Cinema marked by strong singular proposals and creative freedom.


The cultural policy that allowed for Portugal’s distinctively diverse cinema was established through a Cinema Law and a Public Institute – the ICA. ICA organizes calls for film production financing proposals, defines rigorous participation regulations, establishes evaluation criteria fitting the policy promoted by the Ministry of Culture, and selects the juries to analyze the submissions. The profile for  jury members is defined by law as “personalities with recognized cultural merit and impartiality”. Thus, filmmakers and film technicians, as well as film critics, artists, writers, architects, musicians, cultural programmers or university professors were nominated to be part of the board of experts that approve film projects.


From 2013 onwards, a new decree-law (amendment) to the Cinema Law was passed and a new executive board of the Portuguese Film Institute (ICA) was established. This new board, seemingly allergic to it’s responsibility and ignorant of the ICA’s regulatory role, has outsourced the duty of nominating juries to a non-governmental committee composed of delegates with vested interests in the outcome of the support programs:  representatives of television stations, cable operators, among others. This corporate committee now has the power to nominate the juries that evaluate and approve film projects financed by ICA, fomenting collusion and a clear conflict of interests since, in many cases, the committee that now selects the jury represents organizations that directly profit from the jury’s selection.


The outcome of this situation has been immediately evident: the requirement expressed in the regulation that jury members be “personalities of recognized cultural merit” has not been met.  In recent years some of the jury members for cinema projects are bank managers with connections to cinema and marketing managers of telecom operators.


The current government – hostage to pressures exerted by TV cable operators – is now preparing to approve a new decree-law that perpetuates and exacerbates this problem, endangering the existence of the very cinema that has distinguished Portugal internationally. A very significant group of Portuguese filmmakers and producers stated their opposition to this promiscuous and flawed system, declaring to the government their refusal to participate in jury nominations. They do not wish to influence the appointment of juries, nor do they accept that anyone interested in the outcome of the financing programs can participate in the process. They believe that transparency can only be guaranteed if the nomination of juries is the exclusive responsibility of ICA., They call for the nomination of a directing board of ICA capable of accepting its responsibilities and conscious of ICA’s dual role as the executor of a cultural policy for Portuguese cinema and regulator of this activity.


The subscribers to this protest letter wish to remind the State that Portuguese Cinema is not exclusively a Portuguese concern. Therefore, they wish to show their solidarity with Portuguese filmmakers and producers who are opposed to this process and express their firm repudiation should the decree-law be approved.



Portuguese Signatories

Agência da Curta Metragem
APCI – Associação dos Produtores de Cinema Independente
Apordoc – Associação pelo Documentário
APR – Associação Portuguesa de Realizadores
CENA – Sindicato dos Músicos, dos Profissionais do Espectáculo e Audiovisual
Curtas Vila do Conde
Portugal Film
Queer Lisboa
SINTTAV – Sindicato Nacional dos Trabalhadores das Telecomunicações e Audiovisual
STE – Sindicato dos Trabalhadores de Espectáculos
Abi FeijóRealizador
Aisha RahimProgramadora, Festival des 3 Continents
Alexandre OliveiraProdutor – APCI
Ana DavidProgramadora, produtora
Ana Isabel StrindbergPortugal Film
Ana PereiraProdução, programadora Doclisboa
Anabela MoreiraActriz
André AlbuquerqueActor – CENA
André Gil MataRealizador
André GodinhoRealizador
André MarquesRealizador
André PrincipeRealizador
André SantosRealizador
André Valentim de AlmeidaRealizador, Direcção Apordoc – Associação pelo Documentário
Anna GlogowskyProgramadora
Aya KoretzkyRealizadora
Beatriz BatardaActriz
Bruno de AlmeiraRealizador
Bruno SousaDirecção executiva Doclisboa
Carla BolitoActriz
Carla Isabel Magro DiasDirecção FIKE
Carlos BragaRealizador
Carlos ConceiçãoRealizador
Carlos RamosDirecção IndieLisboa
Catarina MourãoRealizadora
Catarina RequeijoActriz
Catarina VasconcelosRealizadora
Cintia GilDirecção Doclisboa, Direcção Apordoc – Associação pelo Documentário
Cláudia VarejãoRealizadora, Direcção da APR – Associação Portuguesa de Realizadores
Cristian RodriguezProgramador, Queer Lisboa
Dario OliveiraPorto/Post/Doc
Davide ObertoDirecção Doclisboa
Dinis Neto Jorge GomesActor
Diogo Costa AmaranteRealizador
Diogo DóriaActor
Dorte SchneiderAssistende de imagem
Duarte GuimarãesActor
Duarte Nuno Tomé GuerreiroDirecção FIKE
Edgar FeldmanMontador
Edgar MedinaProdutor, APCI – Associação de Produtores de Cinema Independente
Fernando BrizioDesigner
Fernando GalritoDirector da Monstra, realizador
Filipa CésarArtista e realizadora
Filipa ReisRealizadora, Direção APR – Associação Portuguesa de Realizadores
Francisco MoreiraMontador
Gabriel AbrantesRealizador
Glenda BalucaniProdutora, programadora, Doclisboa
Inês OliveiraRealizadora
Isabel MachadoProdutora, Direcção Apordoc – Associação pelo Documentário
Ivo M. FerreiraRealizador
Joana CabralTradutora
Joana de VeronaActriz
Joana FerreiraProdutora, APCI – Associação de Produtores de Cinema Independente
Joana FrazãoRealizadora
Joana GusmãoProdução, Doclisboa
Joana ManuelActriz
Joana SousaProgramadora no Doclisboa
João BotelhoRealizador
João CanijoRealizador
João FerreiraDirecção Queer Lisboa
João LaiaCurador
João Maria MendesPresidente ESTC – Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema
João Mário GriloRealizador e Professor Catedrático FCSH – Univ. Nova Lisboa
João MatosProdutor, APCI – Associação de Produtores de Cinema Independente
João NicolauRealizador
João Pedro RodriguesRealizador
João Ricardo OliveiraTradutor, assessor de imprensa Doclisboa
João RosasRealizador
João Rui Guerra da MataRealizador
João SalavizaRealizador, Direcção APR – Associação Portuguesa de Realizadores
João TabarraArtista e realizador
João VladimiroRealizador
Jorge Silva MeloRealizador e encenador
José Filipe CostaRealizador, Direção APR – Associação Portuguesa de Realizadores
José Luís LopesAssistente de realização
José Miguel RibeiroRealizador e produtor
José NascimentoRealizador
José Nuno RodriguesCurtas Vila do Conde
José RaposoActor
Júlio AlvesRealizador
Leonor BaboAgente de actores
Leonor NoivoRealizadora
Leonor TelesRealizadora
Luciana FinaRealizadora
Luis Alves de MatosRealizador
Luis FonsecaRealizador e professor na ESTC
Luís UrbanoProdutor, APCI – Associação de Produtores de Cinema Independente
Luisa HomemRealizadora
Manuel MozosRealizador, Direcção APR – Associação Portuguesa de Realizadores
Marcello UrgegheActor
Marco LeãoRealizador
Marco MartinsRealizador
Margarida GilRealizadora
Margarida LeitãoRealizadora
Margarida MozPortugal Film
Margarida RegoRealizadora
Maria Joana FigueiredoAnotação, montagem e realização
Maria João GuardãoJornalista e realizadora
Mariana GaivãoRealizadora e montadora
Mariana RicardoArgumentista e música
Maureen FazendeiroRealizadora
Maya BoothActriz
Miguel Clara VasconcelosRealizador
Miguel DiasCurtas Vila do Conde
Miguel GomesRealizador
Miguel NabinhoGaleria Miguel Nabinho
Miguel NunesActor
Miguel RibeiroDirecção Apordoc – Associação pelo Documentário, programador Doclisboa
Miguel SeabraRealizador
Miguel ValverdeIndieLisboa
Mónica LimaRealizadora
Nélson CabralActor
Nuno AmorimRealizador e produtor
Nuno GalopimJornalista e programador
Nuno LisboaDirecção Apordoc – Associação pelo Documentário, Director Doc’s Kingdom
Nuno RodriguesCurtas Vila do Conde
Olivier BlancDirector de som
Patrícia SaramagoMontadora
Patrick MendesAssistente de realização e realizador
Paula GarciaActriz
Paulo CarneiroAssistente de realização e montador
Paulo PintoActor
Pedro BorgesProdutor – APCI – Associação de Produtores de Cinema Independente
Pedro DuarteProdutor – APCI – Associação de Produtores de Cinema Independente
Pedro Filipe MarquesRealizador, Direcção APR – Associação Portuguesa de Realizadores
Pedro Madeira1º assistente de realização
Pedro PeraltaRealizador
Pedro PinhoRealizador
Pedro SabinoArgumentista
Raquel FreireRealizadora
Raquel SheferArtista
Renata SanchoRealizadora
Ricardo AibéoActor e realizador
Rita Azevedo GomesRealizadora
Rita LoureiroActriz
Rui MacedoAssistente de realização
Rui MoreiraArtista
Salette RamalhoAgência da Curta Metragem
Salomé LamasRealizadora
Sandro AguilarRealizador
Sergio GomesPorto/Post/Doc e Curtas Vila do Conde
Sofia MarquesActriz e realizadora
Susana NobreRealizadora
Talita AraujoPorto/Post/Doc e Curtas Vila do Conde
Telmo ChurroRealizador, argumentista e montador
Teresa VillaverdeRealizadora
Tiago Dias dos SantosPorto/Post/Doc
Tiago GuedesRealizador
Tiago HespanhaRealizador
Tiago João SilvaSindicato Nacional dos Trabalhadores das Telecomunicações e Audiovisual (SINTTAV)
Tomás BaltazarRealizador e montador
Vasco PimentelDirector de som

International Signatories

Abbas FahdelFilmmakerFrance / Iraq
Adriana KomivesFilm editorFrance
Agnès JaouiScreenwriter and filmmakerFrance
Agnès WildensteinProgrammerFrance / Portugal
Aily NashProgrammer, New York Film FestivalUSA
Aki KaurismakiFilmmakerFinland
Akira ItoShop DevelopmentJapan
Alain GuiraudieFilmmakerFrance
Alban RavassardFilmmakerFrance
Alberto BarberaDirector at Venice Film FestivalItaly
Alejandro BachmannHead of Department, curator at Education, Research, Publications Dept., Austrian Film MuseumAustria
Alessandro ComodinFilmmakerItaly
Alex BaciuFilmmakerRomania
Alexander BohrZDF, ARTEGermany
Alexandra GramatkeShort Circuit – European Network of Short Film and Video Art DistributorsGermany
Alexandre RockwellWriter and filmmakerUSA
Alice RohrwacherFilmmakerItaly
Alina MarazziFilmmakerItaly
All filmmakers from ACID (Association du Cinéma Indépendant pour sa Diffusion)France
Amélie ChattelierAgence du Court MétrageFrance
Ana Domínguez(S8) Mostra de Cinema Periférico, co-directorSpain
Anaïs LebrunInternational Programming Director of MubiFrance
Andrea GuzmánFestival director of Documenta MadridSpain
Andrea LissoniSenior Curator International Art (Film) Tate ModernUK
Andréa PicardFilm curator of Wavelenghts, TIFFCanada
Andrei UjicaFilmmakerRomania
Andrès DuqueFilmmakerVenezuela / Spain
Ane Rodríguez ArmendarizCultural Director – Tabakalera Cultural Art CenterSpain
Ángel Rueda(S8) Mostra de Cinema Periférico, co-directorSpain
Ángel Sánchez CardellPlay-Doc, co-directorSpain
Ángel TouzaFestival director Novos CinemasSpain
Anita ReherExecutive director, The Flaherty Film SeminarDenmark
Anna FeillouFilmmakerFrance
Anna NovionFilmmakerFrance
Anne AlixFilmmakerFrance
Anne ParentClermont-Ferrand Short Film Market organizerFrance
Anne-Laurent DelageAustrian Film CommissionAustria
Annie TresgotFilmmakerFrance
Annyssa BellalMember of the Rui Nogueira FoundationSwitzerland
Anthelme VidaudProgramme director, Odessa International Film FestivalFrance
Antoine BarraudFilmmaker and producerFrance
Antoine ThirionFilm criticFrance
Anurag KashyapFilmmakerIndia
Apichatpong WeerasethakulFilmmakerThailand
Ariane LabedActressFrance / Greece
Arnaud des PallièresFilmmakerFrance
Arnaud DesplechinFilmmakerFrance
Arnaud GourmelenCurator, Director’s Fortnight in Cannes, artistic director Festival Premiers PlansFrance
Athina Rachel TsangariFilmmaker and producerGreece
Aude Léa RapinFilmmakerFrance
Auguste OrtsProduction platformBelgium
Aurélie RicardFilm editorFrance
Aurelien MarsaisProgrammerFrance
Aurélien Vernhes-LermusiauxFilmmakerFrance
Avi MograbiFilmmakerIsrael
Barbara SchockHead of the Film Department, New York University, Tisch School of the ArtsUSA
Barbet SchroederFilmmaker and producerFrance
Bee Thiam TanProducerSingapore
Ben RiversFilmmakerUK
Ben SafdieFilmmakerUSA
Benjamin HameuryFilmmakerFrance
Bert RedhandlJournalist and film criticGermany
Bertrand BonelloFilmmakerFrance
Bertrand MandicoFilmmakerFrance
Bertrand TavernierFilmmakerFrance
Bill MorrisonFilmmakerUSA
Birgit KohlerCo-director of Arsenal – Institute for Film and Video Art (Berlin), Programmer for Berlinale ForumGermany
Bodo KnapheideHead of studies, German Film and Television Academy, BerlinGermany
Boris LehmanFilmmakerBelgium
Boris LevyCinematographerFrance
Brady CorbetActor and filmmakerUSA
Brigitte RoüanFilmmakerFrance
Bruno DequenDirector of programming Rencontres Internationales du Documentaire Montréal, Editor in chief 24 Images Film MagazineCanada
Bruno DumontFilmmakerFrance
Carlo Bernardo DiasAmstelfilmThe Netherlands
Carlo ChatrianDirector Festival del Film LocarnoSwitzerland
Carlos F. HerederoDirector of ‘Caimán Cuadernos de Cine’Spain
Carlos FerrandFilmmakerCanada
Caroline ChampetierCinematographerFrance
Caroline DeruasFilmmakerFrance
Catherine BreillatFilmmakerFrance
Catherine ColasARTE ZDF TVGermany
Catherine CorsiniFilmmaker, co-president Société des Réalisateurs de FilmsFrance
Catherine KrassovskyFilm editorFrance
Catherine LibertFilmmakerBelgium
Cécile Tollu-PollonowskiProduction staff, The Match FactoryGermany
Cédric KlapischFilmmakerFrance
Céline SciammaFilmmaker and co-president Société des Réalisateurs de FilmsFrance
Celine WaldProducer Tambo FilmsPeru
Chantal SteinbergDirector École Documentaire de LussasFrance
Charles TessonArtistic director, Critics’ Week CannesFrance
Charlotte SelbProgrammer (RIDM, Hot Docs)Canada
Chema GonzalezCurator, Head of Cultural Activities Museo Reina SofiaSpain
Chloé LorenziPublic RelationsFrance
Christelle LheureuxFilmmakerFrance
Christian JeuneHead of Cannes Film Festival’s Film OfficeFrance
Christian RouaudFilmmakerFrance
Christine DelormeFilmmakerFrance
Christine LaurentScreenwriter and filmmakerFrance
Christine SeghezziFilmmakerFrance
Christinne DolhoferDirector, Crossing Europe Film FestivalAustria
Christophe HonoréFilmmakerFrance
Christophe PelletFilmmakerFrance
Christophe RuggiaFilmmakerFrance
Christopher AllenExecutive Artistic Director, UnionDocsUSA
Christopher SmallFilm criticEngland
Claire AthertonFilm editorFrance
Claire SimonFilmmakerFrance
Claude BarrasFilmmakerFrance
Cláudio MarquesFilmmaker, producer and programmerBrazil
Clément RaugerScholarFrance
Corneliu PorumboiuFilmmakerRomania
Costa-GavrasFilmmaker, President of La Cinémathèque FrançaiseFrance
Cristèle Alves MeiraFilmmakerBrazil
Cristi PuiuFilmmakerRomania
Cristian MungiuFilmmakerRomania
Daichi YoshinoRadio directorJapan
Daisuke AkasakaFilm criticJapan
Damien ManivelFilmmaker and producer, MDM filmsFrance
Dan UzanFilmmakerFrance
Daniel EdingerFilmmakerFrance
Daniel HuiFilmmakerSingapore / USA
Daniel KasmanDirector of Content MUBI Online Cinema, Founder and Editor of MUBI’s NotebookUSA
Dante DesartheFilmmakerFrance
Dario ZontaProducer, film criticItaly
David PendletonProgrammer Harvard Film ArchiveUSA
David Varela AlvarezDirector of Programming Documenta MadridSpain
Davide ObertoHead of TFFdoc, Torino Film FestivalItaly
Delphine JeanneretProgrammer Internationale Kurzfilmtage WinterthurSwitzerland
Denis CôtéFilmmakerCanada
Denis GheerbrantFilmmakerFrance
Dennis LimDirector of programming, Film Society of Lincoln Center. Artistic Director New York Film FestivalUSA
Dominic GagnonFilmmakerCanada
Dominique AuvrayFilm editorFrance
Dustin DefaScreenwriter and filmmakerUSA
Édouard MeierCinéma Galeries et Wrong Men productionBelgium
Eduardo AdesFilmmakerBrazil
Eduardo SerranoFilm editorBrazil
Eiji KobayashiEditor, writerJapan
Elena LópezFilmmaker, Programmer at Entrevues Belfort Festival International du FilmFrance
Elisabeth PercevalFrance
Eloy EncisoFilmmakerSpain
Elsa CharbitArtistic Director, Rencontres du Moyen Métrage de BriveFrance
Emilie BujesArtistic Director Visions Du RéelSwitzerland
Emilie DeleuzeFilmmakerFrance
Emily WardillArtist and filmmaker, Professor at Malmo Art AcademyUK
Emmanuel BurdeauFilm critic, programmerFrance
Emmanuel LefrantDirector of Light ConeFrance
Enrico GhezziFuori Orario RAI3 TVItaly
Eric BaudelaireFilmmaker and artistFrance
Etsuko MurataDistributor at Shin-Nippon Films Co LtdJapan
Eugène GreenFilmmakerFrance
Eugenio RenziFilm criticFrance
Eva MarkovitsProgrammer, Les Cinémas, Centre PompidouFrance
Eva TruffautArtist and PhotographerFrance
Fabianny DeschampsDirector and co-president of ACID (Association du Cinéma Indépendant pour sa Diffusion)France
Federico Delpero BejarFilm editorArgentina
Felipe Lage CoroFilm producerSpain
Fernando Vílchez RodriguezDirector FILMADRID International Film FestivalSpain
Festival International du Film de La RochelleFrance
FJ OssangWriter and filmmakerFrance
Fleur KnoppertsProducer, Volya FilmsThe Netherlands
Florence AlexandrePublic RelationsFrance
Floor van SpaendonckDirector CinekidThe Netherlands
Fran GayoProgrammer, BaficiArgentina
François BonenfantLe Fresnoy – Studio National des Arts ContemporainsFrance
François FarellacciFillmmaker and producerFrance
Françoise LebrunActress and filmmakerFrance
Franz MüllerFilmmaker and co-editor of Revolver film magazineGermany
Frédéric BonnaudDirector La Cinémathèque FrançaiseFrance
Frédéric CornetDirector Cinéma GaleriesBelgium
Frédéric FarrucciFilmmakerFrance
Frédéric JaegerFilm critic, executive board member German Film Critics’ AssociationGermany
Frédéric MaireDirector Cinemathèque Suisse, former Director of Festival del Film LocarnoSwitzerland
Frédéric SojcherFilmmaker, Director of the Master Scénario, Réalisation, Production de l’Université Paris 1 Panthéon – SorbonneFrance
Fumika SaitoJapan
Gabe KlingerFilmmakerBrazil / USA
Gabriel MascaroFilmmakerBrazil
Gaël PacheFounder of La BarjeSwitzerland
Gerald WeberAssistant Manager, SixpackfilmAustria
Gianfranco RosiFilmmakerItaly
Gilles PorteFilmmakerFrance
Giovanni VimercatiFilm criticItaly
Gonzalo de Pedro AmatriaProgrammer, Locarno Film FestivalSpain
Guillaume BracFiilmmakerFrance
Guillaume LetellierFilmmakerFrance
Gustavo BeckProgrammer, filmmaker, producerPortugal / Brazil
Haden GuestDirector of Harvard Film ArchiveUSA
Hans HurchArtistic Director of the Viennale, Vienna International Film FestivalAustria
Hartmut BitomskyFilmmaker, former director of the California Institute of the Arts, Professor at Berlin Film SchoolGermany
Héléna KlotzFilmmakerFrance
Henri MaïkoffSoundFrance
Hiroki KuboFilm criticJapan
Hiroki KumamotoCritic and editor of film magazine “NOBODY”Japan
Ian GailerCultural Adviser at Ministère de la Culture et des Communications, Festival de Cinema de la Ville de QuebecCanada
Ian SorokaFilmmakerUSA
Irene M. BorregoFilmmakerSpain
Isabel Orellana GuarelloProgramadora Festival Int. de Cine de Valdivia / Productora Araucaria CineChile
Ivan GranovskyFilmmaker, producerArgentina
Jacopo ChessaCentro Nazionale del CortometraggioItaly
Jacques AudiardFilmmakerFrance
Jacques DoillonFilmmakerFrance
Jacques KermabonBref MagazineFrance
Jacques LoeuilleFilmmakerFrance
Jaime PenaFilm critic, Director of CGAI Filmoteca de GaliciaSpain
James LatimerProgrammer Berlinale Forum (Germany) writer Cinema Scope MagazineCanada
Jan SittaFilmmakerFrance
Jasmin BasicProgrammer (Solothurn Film Festival, Visions du Réel, FIFDH)Switzerland
Javier Garcia PuertoDirector, Festival REC Tarragona, Film programmer Tallinn Black Nights IFFSpain
Javier H. EstradaHead of programming FILMADRID International Film Festival, Contributing editor Caimán EdicionesSpain
Jean Michel RouxFilmmakerFrance
Jean-Baptiste MorainJournalist and Film critic, Les InrockuptiblesFrance
Jean-François RaugerHead of programming at La Cinémathèque FrançaiseFrance
Jean-Michel CarréFilmmaker and producerFrance
Jean-Michel FrodonFilm criticFrance
Jean-Philippe TesséCahiers du Cinéma (and all the Film Critics of Cahiers du Cinéma)France
Jean-Pierre RehmDirector FIDMarseille – International Film FestivalFrance
Jeanne CrépeauFilmmakerFrance
Jelena MaksimovicFilm editorSerbia
Jérôme BaronArtistic director, Festival des 3 ContinentsFrance
Joana HadjithomasFilmmaker, artistLebanon
Joana PreissActress and filmmakerFrance
Joanna GrudzinskaFilmmakerFrance
João LaiaCuratorPortugal
Joelle BertossaProducer Close Up FilmsSwitzerland
John Campos GomezDirector, Tanscinema Film FestivalPeru
Jonas RothlaenderWriter and filmmaker, producer – Berlin/HelsinkiGermany / Finland
Jonathan MilletFiilmmakerFrance
Jonathan RosenbaumFilm criticUSA
Joost De VriesCEO, An Original PictureThe Netherlands
Jorge Costa VilaFilm critic, El PaísSpain
José Luis GuérinFilmmakerSpain
Josh SafdieFilmmakerUSA
JP SniadeckiFilmmaker and scholarUSA
Judith AbitbolFilmmakerFrance
Judith Lou LevyProducer, Les Films du BalFrance
Judith Revault d’AllonnesProgrammer, Les Cinémas, Centre PompidouFrance
Jukka-Pekka LaaksoTampere Film FestivalFinland
Julie Lopes CurvalFilmmakerFrance
Julie ParatianProducer at Sister Productions, Paris/BordeauxFrance
Julien GesterFilm critic, LibérationFrance
Julien SamaniFilmmakerFrance
Julien SelleronFilmmakerFrance
Junko WatanabeFilm editorJapan
Justin TaurandProducer, Les films du bélierFrance
Kaori OdaFilmmakerJapan
Karen AkermanFilmmakerBrazil
Karine e Mario BrentaFilmmakersItaly
Kate ReidyCo-director Festival Black MovieSwitzerland
Katell QuillévéréFilmmaker, co-president Société des Réalisateurs de FilmsFrance
Katharina NarbutovičHead of Berliner Künstlerprogramm des DAADGermany
Katharina WollWriter and filmmakerGermany
Katia RossiniNova Cinema BrusselsBelgium
Ken DaimaruCurator Hiroshima Film FestivalJapan
Keren MarcianoFilmmakerFrance
Khalil JoreigeFilmmaker, artistLebanon
Kieron CorlessBritish Film Institute / Sight and SoundUK
Kimi TakesueFilmmaker, Associate Professor Dep. of Arts, Culture and Media, Rutgers University – NewarkUSA
Kléber Mendonça FilhoFilmmakerBrazil
Koichi NagasakaJapan
Krysztof GieratDirector Krakow Film FestivalPoland
Kumi SatoProducerJapan
Laura Huertas MillánFilmmakerFrance / USA / Colombia
Laurence ReymondQuinzaine des Réalisateurs Cannes, programmerFrance
Laurent BouhnikFilmmakerFrance
Laurent CantetFilmmakerFrance
Laurent HeynemannFilmmakerFrance
Lav DiazFilmmakerPhilippines
Léa FehnerFilmmakerFrance
Leo GoldsmithFilm editor, The Brooklyn Rail MagazineUSA
Leos CaraxFilmmakerFrance
Lili HinstinDirector Festival Entrevues BelfortFrance
Lionel Ariel GuedjFilmmaker, producerUK
Lionel BaierFilmmaker, Head of the Cinema Department at ECAL – Ecole Cantonale d’Art de LausanneSwitzerland
Lisandro AlonsoFilmmakerArgentina
Lois PatiñoFilmmakerSpain
Lorenza PignattiJournalist and film critic, DuelsItaly
Lorna TeeProducer and Festival director – CinemAsia Film FestivalThe Netherlands
Louidgi BeltrameArtist and filmmakerFrance
Louis-Do de LencquesaingFilmmakerFrance
Louis HendersonArtist and filmmakerUK
Louise TraonFilmmakerFrance
Loukianos MoshonasFilmmakerGreece
Luc BattistonFilmmakerFrance
Luc BéraudScreenwriter and filmmakerFrance
Luc GallissairesFilmmakerFrance
Luca GuadagninoFilmmakerItaly
Lucas BelvauxFilmmakerFrance
Luce VigoPresident Jean Vigo prizeFrance
Lucía CasaniDirectora La Casa Encendida de Fundación MontemadridSpain
Luciano BarisoneDirector, Festival Visions du RéelSwitzerland
Luciano RigoliniFormer commissioning editor ARTESwitzerland / France
Lucien Castaing-TaylorFilmmaker, Professor and Director of Sensory Ethnography Lab, Harvard UniversityUSA
Lucrecia MartelFilmmakerArgentina
Ludovic LamantJournalist and Film criticFrance
Luis OspinaFilmmakerColombia
Lydia FrostScreenwriter and artistSwitzerland
Mads MikkelsenHead of programme, CPH:DOX Film FestivalDenmark
Mahamat-Saleh HarounFillmmakerTchad / France
Malik ChibaneFilmmakerFrance
Manon de BoerArtist and filmmakerBelgium
Manuel AsinArtistic director, Circulo de Belas Artes de MadridSpain
Manuel Fernández-ValdésFilmmaker, ProducerSpain
Marco MüllerFilm curatorItaly
Maren AdeFilmmakerGermany
Maria BonsantiArtistic director Cinéma du RéelFrance
Maria Clara EscóbarFilmmaker, writerBrazil
Maria WatzlawikCo-director Festival Black MovieSwitzerland
Mariangela Mondolo-BurghardProducerSpain / Switzerland
Marie AmachoukeliFilmmakerFrance
Marie Lanne-ChesnotCinephileFrance
Marie VoignierArtist and filmmakerFrance
Marie-Christine QuesterbertFilmmakerFrance
Marie MandyFilmmakerFrance
Marie-Pierre Duhamel MüllerFilm curatorFrance
Marilia RochaFilmmakerBrazil
Mark PeransonHead of programming Festival del Film Locarno, Editor and publisher Cinema Scope MagazineSwitzerland / Canada
Marta Andreu MuñozProducer, scholarSpain
Martin PawleyProducer and film criticSpain
Martine MarkovitsHead of programme Fine Arts College l’ENSBA, Paris, President Les Yeux de l’Ouïe, Selection comittee Festival Jean RouchFrance
Masamichi MatsumotoDirector of the Film School of TokyoJapan
Massimo CausoFilm critic and Onde, Curator at Torino Film FestivalItaly
Mati DiopFilmmakerFrance
Matias MeyerFilmmaker, writer and producerMexico
Matias PiñeiroFilmmakerArgentina
Matthijs Wouter KnolDirector European Film Market (Berlinale)Germany
Maui AlenaProgrammer Centro Cultural Recoleta, Head of audiovisual Bienal de Arte JóvenArgentina
Mauro HerceFilmmakerSpain
Maxime MartinotAuthor, filmmakerFrance
Maxime RoyProducteur, mixeurFrance
Mia Hansen-LoveFilmmakerFrance
Michael ChananProfessor Film & Video, Roehampton UniversityUK
Michael HackManaging Director, Berlin Critics’ WeekGermany
Michael WeberThe Match Factory, Internacional distributorGermany
Michel LeclercFilmmakerFrance
Michel LipkesFilmmakerMexico
Mick HanniganIndieCork Film FestivalIreland
Mikaël BarreSound editor and mixerFrance
Mikael BuchFilmmakerFrance
Mike HoolboomArtist and filmmakerCanada
Milos StehlikFounder/Artistic director, Facets CinemaUSA
Monika SosnowskaArtistPoland
Myriam SassineProducer, Abbout ProductionsLebanon
Nadav LapidFilmmakerIsrael
Naeem MohaiemenArtist and filmmakerBangladesh / USA
Naël MarandinFilmmakerFrance
Nanako TsukidateFilm curator at Hiroshima Film FestivalJapan
Nashen MoodleyDirector, Sydney Film FestivalAustralia
Natacha SewerynProgrammer, Festival Premiers PlansFrance
Natalia Marín SanchoFilmmaker, scholarSpain
Nick JamesEditor in chief Sight & SoundUK
Nicolas KlotzFilmmakerFrance
Nicolas PhilibertFilmmakerFrance
Nicolas ProvostFilmmakerBelgium
Nicole BrenezHistorian, programmer, teacher, investigator at Sorbonne Paris IIIFrance
Nils BouazizFounder, PotemkineFrance
Nobuya KigamiDistributorJapan
Nuria CubasArtistic director, Film MadridSpain
Oana GheraNext International Film FestivalRomania
Olivier AssayasFilmmakerFrance
Olivier ChamardPhotographerSwitzerland
Olivier HadouchiResearch Associate IRCAV Paris3 / Sorbonne Nouvelle, Independent Film CuratorFrance
Olivier LévêqueFilmmakerFrance
Olivier MarboeufProducer, Spectre ProductionsFrance
Olivier PélissonProgrammer Critic’s Week, CannesFrance
Olivier PèreDirecteur de l’Unité, Cinéma / ARTE France, Directeur Général / ARTE France CinémaFrance
Olivier SigautFilmmakerFrance
Pablo LarrainFilmmakerChile
Pamela F CohnStill in MotionGermany / USA
Paolo MorettiDirector Festival du Film de La Roche Sur YonFrance
Pascal-Alex VincentFilmmakerFrance
Pascal KnoerrDepartment of Culture and Sports City of GenevaSwitzerland
Pascale BretonFilmmakerFrance
Pascale FerranFilmmakerFrance
Patricia AufderheideProfessor and founder Center for Media & Social Impact, School of Communication American UniversityUSA
Paul Marques DuarteFilmmakerFrance
Paul PoetFilmmaker, author, film curator (FILMARCHIV AUSTRIA)Austria
Paula PripasProducerBrazil
Pedro AlmodóvarFilmmakerSpain
Peggy RajskiProducer and filmmakerUSA
Peter TaylorArtistic director Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival, Programmer International Film Festival RotterdamScotland / The Netherlands
Peter WatkinsFilmmakerUK
Philippe FauconFilmmakerFrance
Philippe GarrelFilmmakerFrance
Pierre PinaudFilmmakerFrance
Pierre-François SauterFilmmakerSwitzerland
Pieter-Paul MortierArtistic director, Courtisane Film FestivalBelgium
Pietro MarcelloFilmmakerItaly
Pippo DelbonoFilmmaker and theater directorItaly
Quentin CarbonellDirector of acquisitions MUBIUK
Quentin LestienneFilmmakerFrance
Rachel EllisProducerBrazil
Radu MunteanFilmmakerRomania
Raul CamargoDirector Festival Internacional de Cine de ValdiviaChile
Raymond WalravensDirector World Cinema Amsterdam Film Festival, Programmer Rialto TheaterThe Netherlands
Razvan RadulescuFilmmakerRomania
Rebecca ZlotowskiFilmmakerFrance
Rémi BonhommeCritics’ Week CannesFrance
Richard BrouilletteFilmmaker and producerCanada
Richard CopansFilmmakerFrance
Rinaldo CensiFilm critic and curatorItaly
Rithy PanhFilmmaker, producer, writerCambodia / France
Robert DaudelinFilm historian and critic, former curator of Cinémathèque Québécoise (Montréal), former president of FIAF (International Federation of Film Archives)Canada
Roberto TurigliattoFuori Orario RAI3Italy
Rodrigo TeixeiraProducer, RT featuresUSA
Roger KozaFilm critic and programmer (Filmfest Hamburg Germany, FICUNAM Mexico)Argentina
Romain OzanneSound editorFrance
Ruth BeckermannFilmmakerAustria
Ryosuke TanakaCritic and editor, Film magazine “NOBODY”Japan
Sacha WolffFilmmakerFrance
Samantha LeroyHead of programming Festival du Film Restauré Toute la Mémoire du Monde, La Cinémathèque FrançaiseFrance
Sandrine DumasFilmmakerFrance
Sandro FiorinSales Agent, Figa FIlmsBrazil / USA
Sara García VillanuevaPlay-Doc, co-directorSpain
Satoshi KuzuuFilm criticJapan
Sayombhu MukdeepromCinematographerThailand
Seamus KealyDirector Salzburger KunstvereinAustria
Sebastien LifshitzFilmmakerFrance
Serge BozonFilmmakerFrance
Serge le PéronFilmmakerFrance
Sergei LoznitsaFilmmakerUkraine
Sherman OngFilmmakerMalaysia / Singapore
Shiguehiko Hasumiformer President of the University of Tokyo, critic and historian of cinemaJapan
Shingo KidoOffice workerJapan
Shinji AoyamaFilmmakerJapan
Shinsuke OhderaFilm critic, editor, lecturer in Waseda University, director of cineclub L’Institut Franco-Japonais de YokohamaJapan
Société des Réalisateurs de Films (S.R.F.)France
Sompot ChidgasornpongseFilmmakerThailand
Soon-mi YooFilmmakerSouth Korea
Soue-won RheeSelection committee, Busan International Film FestivalSouth Korea
Stanley SchtinterArtist and curatorUK
Stéphane BrizéFilmmakerFrance
Stéphane DelormeEditor-in-chief Cahiers du CinémaFrance
Stoffel DebuysereArtistic director, CourtisaneBelgium
Stucki ValeriaFilmmakerFrance
Sylvain GeorgeFilmmakerFrance
Sylvie PrasDirector of Cinema Department, Centre Pompidou – ParisFrance
Takashi SugimotoFilmmakerJapan
Takehiro ItoFilmmakerJapan
Tanja VrviloPerformer and filmologist, Artistic director Film Mutations: The Festival of Invisible Cinema (Zagreb)Croatia
Tanya ValetteHead of programme DOCTV, Directora Carrera Cine Altos de ChavónFrance
Taro SekiguchiOffice workerJapan
Tatiana ListaProgrammer Comédie de GenèveSwitzerland
Tatsuzo TakahashiLawyerJapan
Tazz NishiharaKyoto University for the ArtsJapan
Teruki UeharaDirector and editor-in-chief of Outside in TokyoJapan
Theo TsapposSwedish Film InstituteSweden
Thibaut BracqProgrammer at Festival Premiers PlansFrance
Thierry de PerettiActor and FilmmakerFrance
Thierry GarrelFormer Head of Documentaries at ARTE France, 1987/2008France
Thierry FrémauxDirector of the Cannes Film Festival and Lumière InstitutFrance
Thom AndersenFilmmakerUSA
Thomas CailleyFilmmakerFrance
Thomas JenkoeFilmmakerFrance
Thomas LiltiFilmmakerFrance
Thomas OrdonneauProducer and distributor, ShellacFrance
Thorsten TrimpopFilmmaker and lecturer Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyUSA
Tim RedfordProgrammer, Clermont-Ferrand Short Film FestivalFrance
Todd SolondzWriter and filmmakerUSA
Tomokazu SagaraOffice workerJapan
Tomonori SatoProducerJapan
Tomoyo KawaiLa JetéeJapan
Tonino de BernardiFilmmakerItaly
Ulrich KohlerFilmmakerGermany
Un-Seong YooFilm critic, former artistic director of Jeonju Film FestivalSouth Korea
Una FeelyIndieCork Film FestivalIreland
Ute AurandFilmmakerGermany
Valentina NovatiProducer at NorteFrance
Valérie LoiseleuxFilm editorFrance
Valérie MassadianFilmmaker, artistFrance
Valérie MitteuauxFilmmakerFrance
Vanina VignalFilmmakerFrance
Verena ParavelFilmmaker, Faculty associate, Sensory Ethnography Lab, Harvard UniversityUSA
Veton NurkollariDirector DokufestKosovo
Victor EriceFilmmakerSpain
Victor GresardDistributor and programmer (Collectif Jeune Cinéma / Festival des Cinémas Différents de Paris)France
Victor Paz MorandeiraFilm critic, Programmer CGAI – Filmoteca de GaliciaSpain
Vincent DieutreFilmmakerFrance
Virgil VernierFilmmakerFrance
Virginia García del PinoFilmmakerSpain
Vitor GraizeProducer and filmmakerBrazil
Walter SallesFilmmaker and producerBrazil
Wissam CharafFilmmakerFrance
Wouter JansenGo Short – International Film Festival Nijmegen, Some Shorts distributionThe Netherlands
Xavier Henry-RashidManaging director, Film RepublicUK
Yann GonzalezFilmmakerFrance
Yasuhito OhchiActorJapan
Yousri NasrallahFilmmakerEgypt
Yu KoreyasuMovie Assistant DirectorJapan
Yu ShibuyaStudentJapan
Yuji IkedaAnimator, Imagineering.Inc, KobeJapan
Yuki HidetakeCritic and editor of japanese film magazine “NOBODY”Japan
Yukinori KurokawaFilmmakerJapan
Yuko FukuzakiSophia UniversityJapan
Yuko TanakaJournalistJapan
Yvonne IrimescuNext International Film FestivalRomania
Zelimir ZilnikFilmmakerSerbia
Zita CarvalhosaKinoforumBrazil