Letter of Protest and solidarity

In Portugal, film directors, producers, actors, technicians, distributors, film festivals and cinema guilds wrote an open letter to the Portuguese government, for which they received the support of the international community of cinema.


For decades Portugal has distinguished itself in the international film world. Despite being a small country with a miniscule national film market (less than a dozen national feature films are distributed in theatres per year) the percentage of Portuguese films that are shown in international festivals is very high. Systematically, since the 1980’s, Portuguese cinema has been lauded with cinema cycles and tributes; retrospectives about the work of numerous Portuguese filmmakers have been hosted internationally – several of these authors are still active (some subscribing this text), others have unfortunately passed away (João César Monteiro, Paulo Rocha, Fernando Lopes, António Reis, José Álvaro Morais, António Campos and, of course, Manoel de Oliveira). The “miracle” of the high international visibility of Portuguese films in relation to the small number of films produced – throughout decades and generations – is unquestionably due to the merit of the filmmakers, technicians, actors and producers in Portugal. It was also due to a cultural strategy that stimulated the production of a Cinema marked by strong singular proposals and creative freedom.


The cultural policy that allowed for Portugal’s distinctively diverse cinema was established through a Cinema Law and a Public Institute – the ICA. ICA organizes calls for film production financing proposals, defines rigorous participation regulations, establishes evaluation criteria fitting the policy promoted by the Ministry of Culture, and selects the juries to analyze the submissions. The profile for  jury members is defined by law as “personalities with recognized cultural merit and impartiality”. Thus, filmmakers and film technicians, as well as film critics, artists, writers, architects, musicians, cultural programmers or university professors were nominated to be part of the board of experts that approve film projects.


From 2013 onwards, a new decree-law (amendment) to the Cinema Law was passed and a new executive board of the Portuguese Film Institute (ICA) was established. This new board, seemingly allergic to it’s responsibility and ignorant of the ICA’s regulatory role, has outsourced the duty of nominating juries to a non-governmental committee composed of delegates with vested interests in the outcome of the support programs:  representatives of television stations, cable operators, among others. This corporate committee now has the power to nominate the juries that evaluate and approve film projects financed by ICA, fomenting collusion and a clear conflict of interests since, in many cases, the committee that now selects the jury represents organizations that directly profit from the jury’s selection.


The outcome of this situation has been immediately evident: the requirement expressed in the regulation that jury members be “personalities of recognized cultural merit” has not been met.  In recent years some of the jury members for cinema projects are bank managers with connections to cinema and marketing managers of telecom operators.


The current government – hostage to pressures exerted by TV cable operators – is now preparing to approve a new decree-law that perpetuates and exacerbates this problem, endangering the existence of the very cinema that has distinguished Portugal internationally. A very significant group of Portuguese filmmakers and producers stated their opposition to this promiscuous and flawed system, declaring to the government their refusal to participate in jury nominations. They do not wish to influence the appointment of juries, nor do they accept that anyone interested in the outcome of the financing programs can participate in the process. They believe that transparency can only be guaranteed if the nomination of juries is the exclusive responsibility of ICA., They call for the nomination of a directing board of ICA capable of accepting its responsibilities and conscious of ICA’s dual role as the executor of a cultural policy for Portuguese cinema and regulator of this activity.


The subscribers to this protest letter wish to remind the State that Portuguese Cinema is not exclusively a Portuguese concern. Therefore, they wish to show their solidarity with Portuguese filmmakers and producers who are opposed to this process and express their firm repudiation should the decree-law be approved.



Portuguese Signatories

Agência da Curta Metragem
APCI – Associação dos Produtores de Cinema Independente
Apordoc – Associação pelo Documentário
APR – Associação Portuguesa de Realizadores
CENA – Sindicato dos Músicos, dos Profissionais do Espectáculo e Audiovisual
Curtas Vila do Conde
Portugal Film
Queer Lisboa
SINTTAV – Sindicato Nacional dos Trabalhadores das Telecomunicações e Audiovisual
STE – Sindicato dos Trabalhadores de Espectáculos
Abi Feijó Realizador
Aisha Rahim Programadora, Festival des 3 Continents
Alexandre Oliveira Produtor – APCI
Ana David Programadora, produtora
Ana Isabel Strindberg Portugal Film
Ana Pereira Produção, programadora Doclisboa
Anabela Moreira Actriz
André Albuquerque Actor – CENA
André Gil Mata Realizador
André Godinho Realizador
André Marques Realizador
André Principe Realizador
André Santos Realizador
André Valentim de Almeida Realizador, Direcção Apordoc – Associação pelo Documentário
Anna Glogowsky Programadora
Aya Koretzky Realizadora
Beatriz Batarda Actriz
Bruno de Almeira Realizador
Bruno Sousa Direcção executiva Doclisboa
Carla Bolito Actriz
Carla Isabel Magro Dias Direcção FIKE
Carlos Braga Realizador
Carlos Conceição Realizador
Carlos Ramos Direcção IndieLisboa
Catarina Mourão Realizadora
Catarina Requeijo Actriz
Catarina Vasconcelos Realizadora
Cintia Gil Direcção Doclisboa, Direcção Apordoc – Associação pelo Documentário
Cláudia Varejão Realizadora, Direcção da APR – Associação Portuguesa de Realizadores
Cristian Rodriguez Programador, Queer Lisboa
Dario Oliveira Porto/Post/Doc
Davide Oberto Direcção Doclisboa
Dinis Neto Jorge Gomes Actor
Diogo Costa Amarante Realizador
Diogo Dória Actor
Dorte Schneider Assistende de imagem
Duarte Guimarães Actor
Duarte Nuno Tomé Guerreiro Direcção FIKE
Edgar Feldman Montador
Edgar Medina Produtor, APCI – Associação de Produtores de Cinema Independente
Fernando Brizio Designer
Fernando Galrito Director da Monstra, realizador
Filipa César Artista e realizadora
Filipa Reis Realizadora, Direção APR – Associação Portuguesa de Realizadores
Francisco Moreira Montador
Gabriel Abrantes Realizador
Glenda Balucani Produtora, programadora, Doclisboa
Inês Oliveira Realizadora
Isabel Machado Produtora, Direcção Apordoc – Associação pelo Documentário
Ivo M. Ferreira Realizador
Joana Cabral Tradutora
Joana de Verona Actriz
Joana Ferreira Produtora, APCI – Associação de Produtores de Cinema Independente
Joana Frazão Realizadora
Joana Gusmão Produção, Doclisboa
Joana Manuel Actriz
Joana Sousa Programadora no Doclisboa
João Botelho Realizador
João Canijo Realizador
João Ferreira Direcção Queer Lisboa
João Laia Curador
João Maria Mendes Presidente ESTC – Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema
João Mário Grilo Realizador e Professor Catedrático FCSH – Univ. Nova Lisboa
João Matos Produtor, APCI – Associação de Produtores de Cinema Independente
João Nicolau Realizador
João Pedro Rodrigues Realizador
João Ricardo Oliveira Tradutor, assessor de imprensa Doclisboa
João Rosas Realizador
João Rui Guerra da Mata Realizador
João Salaviza Realizador, Direcção APR – Associação Portuguesa de Realizadores
João Tabarra Artista e realizador
João Vladimiro Realizador
Jorge Silva Melo Realizador e encenador
José Filipe Costa Realizador, Direção APR – Associação Portuguesa de Realizadores
José Luís Lopes Assistente de realização
José Miguel Ribeiro Realizador e produtor
José Nascimento Realizador
José Nuno Rodrigues Curtas Vila do Conde
José Raposo Actor
Júlio Alves Realizador
Leonor Babo Agente de actores
Leonor Noivo Realizadora
Leonor Teles Realizadora
Luciana Fina Realizadora
Luis Alves de Matos Realizador
Luis Fonseca Realizador e professor na ESTC
Luís Urbano Produtor, APCI – Associação de Produtores de Cinema Independente
Luisa Homem Realizadora
Manuel Mozos Realizador, Direcção APR – Associação Portuguesa de Realizadores
Marcello Urgeghe Actor
Marco Leão Realizador
Marco Martins Realizador
Margarida Gil Realizadora
Margarida Leitão Realizadora
Margarida Moz Portugal Film
Margarida Rego Realizadora
Maria Joana Figueiredo Anotação, montagem e realização
Maria João Guardão Jornalista e realizadora
Mariana Gaivão Realizadora e montadora
Mariana Ricardo Argumentista e música
Maureen Fazendeiro Realizadora
Maya Booth Actriz
Miguel Clara Vasconcelos Realizador
Miguel Dias Curtas Vila do Conde
Miguel Gomes Realizador
Miguel Nabinho Galeria Miguel Nabinho
Miguel Nunes Actor
Miguel Ribeiro Direcção Apordoc – Associação pelo Documentário, programador Doclisboa
Miguel Seabra Realizador
Miguel Valverde IndieLisboa
Mónica Lima Realizadora
Nélson Cabral Actor
Nuno Amorim Realizador e produtor
Nuno Galopim Jornalista e programador
Nuno Lisboa Direcção Apordoc – Associação pelo Documentário, Director Doc’s Kingdom
Nuno Rodrigues Curtas Vila do Conde
Olivier Blanc Director de som
Patrícia Saramago Montadora
Patrick Mendes Assistente de realização e realizador
Paula Garcia Actriz
Paulo Carneiro Assistente de realização e montador
Paulo Pinto Actor
Pedro Borges Produtor – APCI – Associação de Produtores de Cinema Independente
Pedro Duarte Produtor – APCI – Associação de Produtores de Cinema Independente
Pedro Filipe Marques Realizador, Direcção APR – Associação Portuguesa de Realizadores
Pedro Madeira 1º assistente de realização
Pedro Peralta Realizador
Pedro Pinho Realizador
Pedro Sabino Argumentista
Raquel Freire Realizadora
Raquel Shefer Artista
Renata Sancho Realizadora
Ricardo Aibéo Actor e realizador
Rita Azevedo Gomes Realizadora
Rita Loureiro Actriz
Rui Macedo Assistente de realização
Rui Moreira Artista
Salette Ramalho Agência da Curta Metragem
Salomé Lamas Realizadora
Sandro Aguilar Realizador
Sergio Gomes Porto/Post/Doc e Curtas Vila do Conde
Sofia Marques Actriz e realizadora
Susana Nobre Realizadora
Talita Araujo Porto/Post/Doc e Curtas Vila do Conde
Telmo Churro Realizador, argumentista e montador
Teresa Villaverde Realizadora
Tiago Dias dos Santos Porto/Post/Doc
Tiago Guedes Realizador
Tiago Hespanha Realizador
Tiago João Silva Sindicato Nacional dos Trabalhadores das Telecomunicações e Audiovisual (SINTTAV)
Tomás Baltazar Realizador e montador
Vasco Pimentel Director de som

International Signatories

Abbas Fahdel Filmmaker France / Iraq
Adriana Komives Film editor France
Agnès Jaoui Screenwriter and filmmaker France
Agnès Wildenstein Programmer France / Portugal
Aily Nash Programmer, New York Film Festival USA
Aki Kaurismaki Filmmaker Finland
Akira Ito Shop Development Japan
Alain Guiraudie Filmmaker France
Alban Ravassard Filmmaker France
Alberto Barbera Director at Venice Film Festival Italy
Alejandro Bachmann Head of Department, curator at Education, Research, Publications Dept., Austrian Film Museum Austria
Alessandro Comodin Filmmaker Italy
Alex Baciu Filmmaker Romania
Alexander Bohr ZDF, ARTE Germany
Alexandra Gramatke Short Circuit – European Network of Short Film and Video Art Distributors Germany
Alexandre Rockwell Writer and filmmaker USA
Alice Rohrwacher Filmmaker Italy
Alina Marazzi Filmmaker Italy
All filmmakers from ACID (Association du Cinéma Indépendant pour sa Diffusion) France
Amélie Chattelier Agence du Court Métrage France
Ana Domínguez (S8) Mostra de Cinema Periférico, co-director Spain
Anaïs Lebrun International Programming Director of Mubi France
Andrea Guzmán Festival director of Documenta Madrid Spain
Andrea Lissoni Senior Curator International Art (Film) Tate Modern UK
Andréa Picard Film curator of Wavelenghts, TIFF Canada
Andrei Ujica Filmmaker Romania
Andrès Duque Filmmaker Venezuela / Spain
Ane Rodríguez Armendariz Cultural Director – Tabakalera Cultural Art Center Spain
Ángel Rueda (S8) Mostra de Cinema Periférico, co-director Spain
Ángel Sánchez Cardell Play-Doc, co-director Spain
Ángel Touza Festival director Novos Cinemas Spain
Anita Reher Executive director, The Flaherty Film Seminar Denmark
Anna Feillou Filmmaker France
Anna Novion Filmmaker France
Anne Alix Filmmaker France
Anne Parent Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Market organizer France
Anne-Laurent Delage Austrian Film Commission Austria
Annie Tresgot Filmmaker France
Annyssa Bellal Member of the Rui Nogueira Foundation Switzerland
Anthelme Vidaud Programme director, Odessa International Film Festival France
Antoine Barraud Filmmaker and producer France
Antoine Thirion Film critic France
Anurag Kashyap Filmmaker India
Apichatpong Weerasethakul Filmmaker Thailand
Ariane Labed Actress France / Greece
Arnaud des Pallières Filmmaker France
Arnaud Desplechin Filmmaker France
Arnaud Gourmelen Curator, Director’s Fortnight in Cannes, artistic director Festival Premiers Plans France
Athina Rachel Tsangari Filmmaker and producer Greece
Aude Léa Rapin Filmmaker France
Auguste Orts Production platform Belgium
Aurélie Ricard Film editor France
Aurelien Marsais Programmer France
Aurélien Vernhes-Lermusiaux Filmmaker France
Avi Mograbi Filmmaker Israel
Barbara Schock Head of the Film Department, New York University, Tisch School of the Arts USA
Barbet Schroeder Filmmaker and producer France
Bee Thiam Tan Producer Singapore
Ben Rivers Filmmaker UK
Ben Safdie Filmmaker USA
Benjamin Hameury Filmmaker France
Bert Redhandl Journalist and film critic Germany
Bertrand Bonello Filmmaker France
Bertrand Mandico Filmmaker France
Bertrand Tavernier Filmmaker France
Bill Morrison Filmmaker USA
Birgit Kohler Co-director of Arsenal – Institute for Film and Video Art (Berlin), Programmer for Berlinale Forum Germany
Bodo Knapheide Head of studies, German Film and Television Academy, Berlin Germany
Boris Lehman Filmmaker Belgium
Boris Levy Cinematographer France
Brady Corbet Actor and filmmaker USA
Brigitte Roüan Filmmaker France
Bruno Dequen Director of programming Rencontres Internationales du Documentaire Montréal, Editor in chief 24 Images Film Magazine Canada
Bruno Dumont Filmmaker France
Carlo Bernardo Dias Amstelfilm The Netherlands
Carlo Chatrian Director Festival del Film Locarno Switzerland
Carlos F. Heredero Director of ‘Caimán Cuadernos de Cine’ Spain
Carlos Ferrand Filmmaker Canada
Caroline Champetier Cinematographer France
Caroline Deruas Filmmaker France
Catherine Breillat Filmmaker France
Catherine Colas ARTE ZDF TV Germany
Catherine Corsini Filmmaker, co-president Société des Réalisateurs de Films France
Catherine Krassovsky Film editor France
Catherine Libert Filmmaker Belgium
Cécile Tollu-Pollonowski Production staff, The Match Factory Germany
Cédric Klapisch Filmmaker France
Céline Sciamma Filmmaker and co-president Société des Réalisateurs de Films France
Celine Wald Producer Tambo Films Peru
Chantal Steinberg Director École Documentaire de Lussas France
Charles Tesson Artistic director, Critics’ Week Cannes France
Charlotte Selb Programmer (RIDM, Hot Docs) Canada
Chema Gonzalez Curator, Head of Cultural Activities Museo Reina Sofia Spain
Chloé Lorenzi Public Relations France
Christelle Lheureux Filmmaker France
Christian Jeune Head of Cannes Film Festival’s Film Office France
Christian Rouaud Filmmaker France
Christine Delorme Filmmaker France
Christine Laurent Screenwriter and filmmaker France
Christine Seghezzi Filmmaker France
Christinne Dolhofer Director, Crossing Europe Film Festival Austria
Christophe Honoré Filmmaker France
Christophe Pellet Filmmaker France
Christophe Ruggia Filmmaker France
Christopher Allen Executive Artistic Director, UnionDocs USA
Christopher Small Film critic England
Claire Atherton Film editor France
Claire Simon Filmmaker France
Claude Barras Filmmaker France
Cláudio Marques Filmmaker, producer and programmer Brazil
Clément Rauger Scholar France
Corneliu Porumboiu Filmmaker Romania
Costa-Gavras Filmmaker, President of La Cinémathèque Française France
Cristèle Alves Meira Filmmaker Brazil
Cristi Puiu Filmmaker Romania
Cristian Mungiu Filmmaker Romania
Daichi Yoshino Radio director Japan
Daisuke Akasaka Film critic Japan
Damien Manivel Filmmaker and producer, MDM films France
Dan Uzan Filmmaker France
Daniel Edinger Filmmaker France
Daniel Hui Filmmaker Singapore / USA
Daniel Kasman Director of Content MUBI Online Cinema, Founder and Editor of MUBI’s Notebook USA
Dante Desarthe Filmmaker France
Dario Zonta Producer, film critic Italy
David Pendleton Programmer Harvard Film Archive USA
David Varela Alvarez Director of Programming Documenta Madrid Spain
Davide Oberto Head of TFFdoc, Torino Film Festival Italy
Delphine Jeanneret Programmer Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur Switzerland
Denis Côté Filmmaker Canada
Denis Gheerbrant Filmmaker France
Dennis Lim Director of programming, Film Society of Lincoln Center. Artistic Director New York Film Festival USA
Dominic Gagnon Filmmaker Canada
Dominique Auvray Film editor France
Dustin Defa Screenwriter and filmmaker USA
Édouard Meier Cinéma Galeries et Wrong Men production Belgium
Eduardo Ades Filmmaker Brazil
Eduardo Serrano Film editor Brazil
Eiji Kobayashi Editor, writer Japan
Elena López Filmmaker, Programmer at Entrevues Belfort Festival International du Film France
Elisabeth Perceval France
Eloy Enciso Filmmaker Spain
Elsa Charbit Artistic Director, Rencontres du Moyen Métrage de Brive France
Emilie Bujes Artistic Director Visions Du Réel Switzerland
Emilie Deleuze Filmmaker France
Emily Wardill Artist and filmmaker, Professor at Malmo Art Academy UK
Emmanuel Burdeau Film critic, programmer France
Emmanuel Lefrant Director of Light Cone France
Enrico Ghezzi Fuori Orario RAI3 TV Italy
Eric Baudelaire Filmmaker and artist France
Etsuko Murata Distributor at Shin-Nippon Films Co Ltd Japan
Eugène Green Filmmaker France
Eugenio Renzi Film critic France
Eva Markovits Programmer, Les Cinémas, Centre Pompidou France
Eva Truffaut Artist and Photographer France
Fabianny Deschamps Director and co-president of ACID (Association du Cinéma Indépendant pour sa Diffusion) France
Federico Delpero Bejar Film editor Argentina
Felipe Lage Coro Film producer Spain
Fernando Vílchez Rodriguez Director FILMADRID International Film Festival Spain
Festival International du Film de La Rochelle France
FJ Ossang Writer and filmmaker France
Fleur Knopperts Producer, Volya Films The Netherlands
Florence Alexandre Public Relations France
Floor van Spaendonck Director Cinekid The Netherlands
Fran Gayo Programmer, Bafici Argentina
François Bonenfant Le Fresnoy – Studio National des Arts Contemporains France
François Farellacci Fillmmaker and producer France
Françoise Lebrun Actress and filmmaker France
Franz Müller Filmmaker and co-editor of Revolver film magazine Germany
Frédéric Bonnaud Director La Cinémathèque Française France
Frédéric Cornet Director Cinéma Galeries Belgium
Frédéric Farrucci Filmmaker France
Frédéric Jaeger Film critic, executive board member German Film Critics’ Association Germany
Frédéric Maire Director Cinemathèque Suisse, former Director of Festival del Film Locarno Switzerland
Frédéric Sojcher Filmmaker, Director of the Master Scénario, Réalisation, Production de l’Université Paris 1 Panthéon – Sorbonne France
Fumika Saito Japan
Gabe Klinger Filmmaker Brazil / USA
Gabriel Mascaro Filmmaker Brazil
Gaël Pache Founder of La Barje Switzerland
Gerald Weber Assistant Manager, Sixpackfilm Austria
Gianfranco Rosi Filmmaker Italy
Gilles Porte Filmmaker France
Giovanni Vimercati Film critic Italy
Gonzalo de Pedro Amatria Programmer, Locarno Film Festival Spain
Guillaume Brac Fiilmmaker France
Guillaume Letellier Filmmaker France
Gustavo Beck Programmer, filmmaker, producer Portugal / Brazil
Haden Guest Director of Harvard Film Archive USA
Hans Hurch Artistic Director of the Viennale, Vienna International Film Festival Austria
Hartmut Bitomsky Filmmaker, former director of the California Institute of the Arts, Professor at Berlin Film School Germany
Héléna Klotz Filmmaker France
Henri Maïkoff Sound France
Hiroki Kubo Film critic Japan
Hiroki Kumamoto Critic and editor of film magazine “NOBODY” Japan
Ian Gailer Cultural Adviser at Ministère de la Culture et des Communications, Festival de Cinema de la Ville de Quebec Canada
Ian Soroka Filmmaker USA
Irene M. Borrego Filmmaker Spain
Isabel Orellana Guarello Programadora Festival Int. de Cine de Valdivia / Productora Araucaria Cine Chile
Ivan Granovsky Filmmaker, producer Argentina
Jacopo Chessa Centro Nazionale del Cortometraggio Italy
Jacques Audiard Filmmaker France
Jacques Doillon Filmmaker France
Jacques Kermabon Bref Magazine France
Jacques Loeuille Filmmaker France
Jaime Pena Film critic, Director of CGAI Filmoteca de Galicia Spain
James Latimer Programmer Berlinale Forum (Germany) writer Cinema Scope Magazine Canada
Jan Sitta Filmmaker France
Jasmin Basic Programmer (Solothurn Film Festival, Visions du Réel, FIFDH) Switzerland
Javier Garcia Puerto Director, Festival REC Tarragona, Film programmer Tallinn Black Nights IFF Spain
Javier H. Estrada Head of programming FILMADRID International Film Festival, Contributing editor Caimán Ediciones Spain
Jean Michel Roux Filmmaker France
Jean-Baptiste Morain Journalist and Film critic, Les Inrockuptibles France
Jean-François Rauger Head of programming at La Cinémathèque Française France
Jean-Michel Carré Filmmaker and producer France
Jean-Michel Frodon Film critic France
Jean-Philippe Tessé Cahiers du Cinéma (and all the Film Critics of Cahiers du Cinéma) France
Jean-Pierre Rehm Director FIDMarseille – International Film Festival France
Jeanne Crépeau Filmmaker France
Jelena Maksimovic Film editor Serbia
Jérôme Baron Artistic director, Festival des 3 Continents France
Joana Hadjithomas Filmmaker, artist Lebanon
Joana Preiss Actress and filmmaker France
Joanna Grudzinska Filmmaker France
João Laia Curator Portugal
Joelle Bertossa Producer Close Up Films Switzerland
John Campos Gomez Director, Tanscinema Film Festival Peru
Jonas Rothlaender Writer and filmmaker, producer – Berlin/Helsinki Germany / Finland
Jonathan Millet Fiilmmaker France
Jonathan Rosenbaum Film critic USA
Joost De Vries CEO, An Original Picture The Netherlands
Jorge Costa Vila Film critic, El País Spain
José Luis Guérin Filmmaker Spain
Josh Safdie Filmmaker USA
JP Sniadecki Filmmaker and scholar USA
Judith Abitbol Filmmaker France
Judith Lou Levy Producer, Les Films du Bal France
Judith Revault d’Allonnes Programmer, Les Cinémas, Centre Pompidou France
Jukka-Pekka Laakso Tampere Film Festival Finland
Julie Lopes Curval Filmmaker France
Julie Paratian Producer at Sister Productions, Paris/Bordeaux France
Julien Gester Film critic, Libération France
Julien Samani Filmmaker France
Julien Selleron Filmmaker France
Junko Watanabe Film editor Japan
Justin Taurand Producer, Les films du bélier France
Kaori Oda Filmmaker Japan
Karen Akerman Filmmaker Brazil
Karine e Mario Brenta Filmmakers Italy
Kate Reidy Co-director Festival Black Movie Switzerland
Katell Quillévéré Filmmaker, co-president Société des Réalisateurs de Films France
Katharina Narbutovič Head of Berliner Künstlerprogramm des DAAD Germany
Katharina Woll Writer and filmmaker Germany
Katia Rossini Nova Cinema Brussels Belgium
Ken Daimaru Curator Hiroshima Film Festival Japan
Keren Marciano Filmmaker France
Khalil Joreige Filmmaker, artist Lebanon
Kieron Corless British Film Institute / Sight and Sound UK
Kimi Takesue Filmmaker, Associate Professor Dep. of Arts, Culture and Media, Rutgers University – Newark USA
Kléber Mendonça Filho Filmmaker Brazil
Koichi Nagasaka Japan
Krysztof Gierat Director Krakow Film Festival Poland
Kumi Sato Producer Japan
Laura Huertas Millán Filmmaker France / USA / Colombia
Laurence Reymond Quinzaine des Réalisateurs Cannes, programmer France
Laurent Bouhnik Filmmaker France
Laurent Cantet Filmmaker France
Laurent Heynemann Filmmaker France
Lav Diaz Filmmaker Philippines
Léa Fehner Filmmaker France
Leo Goldsmith Film editor, The Brooklyn Rail Magazine USA
Leos Carax Filmmaker France
Lili Hinstin Director Festival Entrevues Belfort France
Lionel Ariel Guedj Filmmaker, producer UK
Lionel Baier Filmmaker, Head of the Cinema Department at ECAL – Ecole Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne Switzerland
Lisandro Alonso Filmmaker Argentina
Lois Patiño Filmmaker Spain
Lorenza Pignatti Journalist and film critic, Duels Italy
Lorna Tee Producer and Festival director – CinemAsia Film Festival The Netherlands
Louidgi Beltrame Artist and filmmaker France
Louis-Do de Lencquesaing Filmmaker France
Louis Henderson Artist and filmmaker UK
Louise Traon Filmmaker France
Loukianos Moshonas Filmmaker Greece
Luc Battiston Filmmaker France
Luc Béraud Screenwriter and filmmaker France
Luc Gallissaires Filmmaker France
Luca Guadagnino Filmmaker Italy
Lucas Belvaux Filmmaker France
Luce Vigo President Jean Vigo prize France
Lucía Casani Directora La Casa Encendida de Fundación Montemadrid Spain
Luciano Barisone Director, Festival Visions du Réel Switzerland
Luciano Rigolini Former commissioning editor ARTE Switzerland / France
Lucien Castaing-Taylor Filmmaker, Professor and Director of Sensory Ethnography Lab, Harvard University USA
Lucrecia Martel Filmmaker Argentina
Ludovic Lamant Journalist and Film critic France
Luis Ospina Filmmaker Colombia
Lydia Frost Screenwriter and artist Switzerland
Mads Mikkelsen Head of programme, CPH:DOX Film Festival Denmark
Mahamat-Saleh Haroun Fillmmaker Tchad / France
Malik Chibane Filmmaker France
Manon de Boer Artist and filmmaker Belgium
Manuel Asin Artistic director, Circulo de Belas Artes de Madrid Spain
Manuel Fernández-Valdés Filmmaker, Producer Spain
Marco Müller Film curator Italy
Maren Ade Filmmaker Germany
Maria Bonsanti Artistic director Cinéma du Réel France
Maria Clara Escóbar Filmmaker, writer Brazil
Maria Watzlawik Co-director Festival Black Movie Switzerland
Mariangela Mondolo-Burghard Producer Spain / Switzerland
Marie Amachoukeli Filmmaker France
Marie Lanne-Chesnot Cinephile France
Marie Voignier Artist and filmmaker France
Marie-Christine Questerbert Filmmaker France
Marie Mandy Filmmaker France
Marie-Pierre Duhamel Müller Film curator France
Marilia Rocha Filmmaker Brazil
Mark Peranson Head of programming Festival del Film Locarno, Editor and publisher Cinema Scope Magazine Switzerland / Canada
Marta Andreu Muñoz Producer, scholar Spain
Martin Pawley Producer and film critic Spain
Martine Markovits Head of programme Fine Arts College l’ENSBA, Paris, President Les Yeux de l’Ouïe, Selection comittee Festival Jean Rouch France
Masamichi Matsumoto Director of the Film School of Tokyo Japan
Massimo Causo Film critic and Onde, Curator at Torino Film Festival Italy
Mati Diop Filmmaker France
Matias Meyer Filmmaker, writer and producer Mexico
Matias Piñeiro Filmmaker Argentina
Matthijs Wouter Knol Director European Film Market (Berlinale) Germany
Maui Alena Programmer Centro Cultural Recoleta, Head of audiovisual Bienal de Arte Jóven Argentina
Mauro Herce Filmmaker Spain
Maxime Martinot Author, filmmaker France
Maxime Roy Producteur, mixeur France
Mia Hansen-Love Filmmaker France
Michael Chanan Professor Film & Video, Roehampton University UK
Michael Hack Managing Director, Berlin Critics’ Week Germany
Michael Weber The Match Factory, Internacional distributor Germany
Michel Leclerc Filmmaker France
Michel Lipkes Filmmaker Mexico
Mick Hannigan IndieCork Film Festival Ireland
Mikaël Barre Sound editor and mixer France
Mikael Buch Filmmaker France
Mike Hoolboom Artist and filmmaker Canada
Milos Stehlik Founder/Artistic director, Facets Cinema USA
Monika Sosnowska Artist Poland
Myriam Sassine Producer, Abbout Productions Lebanon
Nadav Lapid Filmmaker Israel
Naeem Mohaiemen Artist and filmmaker Bangladesh / USA
Naël Marandin Filmmaker France
Nanako Tsukidate Film curator at Hiroshima Film Festival Japan
Nashen Moodley Director, Sydney Film Festival Australia
Natacha Seweryn Programmer, Festival Premiers Plans France
Natalia Marín Sancho Filmmaker, scholar Spain
Nick James Editor in chief Sight & Sound UK
Nicolas Klotz Filmmaker France
Nicolas Philibert Filmmaker France
Nicolas Provost Filmmaker Belgium
Nicole Brenez Historian, programmer, teacher, investigator at Sorbonne Paris III France
Nils Bouaziz Founder, Potemkine France
Nobuya Kigami Distributor Japan
Nuria Cubas Artistic director, Film Madrid Spain
Oana Ghera Next International Film Festival Romania
Olivier Assayas Filmmaker France
Olivier Chamard Photographer Switzerland
Olivier Hadouchi Research Associate IRCAV Paris3 / Sorbonne Nouvelle, Independent Film Curator France
Olivier Lévêque Filmmaker France
Olivier Marboeuf Producer, Spectre Productions France
Olivier Pélisson Programmer Critic’s Week, Cannes France
Olivier Père Directeur de l’Unité, Cinéma / ARTE France, Directeur Général / ARTE France Cinéma France
Olivier Sigaut Filmmaker France
Pablo Larrain Filmmaker Chile
Pamela F Cohn Still in Motion Germany / USA
Paolo Moretti Director Festival du Film de La Roche Sur Yon France
Pascal-Alex Vincent Filmmaker France
Pascal Knoerr Department of Culture and Sports City of Geneva Switzerland
Pascale Breton Filmmaker France
Pascale Ferran Filmmaker France
Patricia Aufderheide Professor and founder Center for Media & Social Impact, School of Communication American University USA
Paul Marques Duarte Filmmaker France
Paul Poet Filmmaker, author, film curator (FILMARCHIV AUSTRIA) Austria
Paula Pripas Producer Brazil
Pedro Almodóvar Filmmaker Spain
Peggy Rajski Producer and filmmaker USA
Peter Taylor Artistic director Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival, Programmer International Film Festival Rotterdam Scotland / The Netherlands
Peter Watkins Filmmaker UK
Philippe Faucon Filmmaker France
Philippe Garrel Filmmaker France
Pierre Pinaud Filmmaker France
Pierre-François Sauter Filmmaker Switzerland
Pieter-Paul Mortier Artistic director, Courtisane Film Festival Belgium
Pietro Marcello Filmmaker Italy
Pippo Delbono Filmmaker and theater director Italy
Quentin Carbonell Director of acquisitions MUBI UK
Quentin Lestienne Filmmaker France
Rachel Ellis Producer Brazil
Radu Muntean Filmmaker Romania
Raul Camargo Director Festival Internacional de Cine de Valdivia Chile
Raymond Walravens Director World Cinema Amsterdam Film Festival, Programmer Rialto Theater The Netherlands
Razvan Radulescu Filmmaker Romania
Rebecca Zlotowski Filmmaker France
Rémi Bonhomme Critics’ Week Cannes France
Richard Brouillette Filmmaker and producer Canada
Richard Copans Filmmaker France
Rinaldo Censi Film critic and curator Italy
Rithy Panh Filmmaker, producer, writer Cambodia / France
Robert Daudelin Film historian and critic, former curator of Cinémathèque Québécoise (Montréal), former president of FIAF (International Federation of Film Archives) Canada
Roberto Turigliatto Fuori Orario RAI3 Italy
Rodrigo Teixeira Producer, RT features USA
Roger Koza Film critic and programmer (Filmfest Hamburg Germany, FICUNAM Mexico) Argentina
Romain Ozanne Sound editor France
Ruth Beckermann Filmmaker Austria
Ryosuke Tanaka Critic and editor, Film magazine “NOBODY” Japan
Sacha Wolff Filmmaker France
Samantha Leroy Head of programming Festival du Film Restauré Toute la Mémoire du Monde, La Cinémathèque Française France
Sandrine Dumas Filmmaker France
Sandro Fiorin Sales Agent, Figa FIlms Brazil / USA
Sara García Villanueva Play-Doc, co-director Spain
Satoshi Kuzuu Film critic Japan
Sayombhu Mukdeeprom Cinematographer Thailand
Seamus Kealy Director Salzburger Kunstverein Austria
Sebastien Lifshitz Filmmaker France
Serge Bozon Filmmaker France
Serge le Péron Filmmaker France
Sergei Loznitsa Filmmaker Ukraine
Sherman Ong Filmmaker Malaysia / Singapore
Shiguehiko Hasumi former President of the University of Tokyo, critic and historian of cinema Japan
Shingo Kido Office worker Japan
Shinji Aoyama Filmmaker Japan
Shinsuke Ohdera Film critic, editor, lecturer in Waseda University, director of cineclub L’Institut Franco-Japonais de Yokohama Japan
Société des Réalisateurs de Films (S.R.F.) France
Sompot Chidgasornpongse Filmmaker Thailand
Soon-mi Yoo Filmmaker South Korea
Soue-won Rhee Selection committee, Busan International Film Festival South Korea
Stanley Schtinter Artist and curator UK
Stéphane Brizé Filmmaker France
Stéphane Delorme Editor-in-chief Cahiers du Cinéma France
Stoffel Debuysere Artistic director, Courtisane Belgium
Stucki Valeria Filmmaker France
Sylvain George Filmmaker France
Sylvie Pras Director of Cinema Department, Centre Pompidou – Paris France
Takashi Sugimoto Filmmaker Japan
Takehiro Ito Filmmaker Japan
Tanja Vrvilo Performer and filmologist, Artistic director Film Mutations: The Festival of Invisible Cinema (Zagreb) Croatia
Tanya Valette Head of programme DOCTV, Directora Carrera Cine Altos de Chavón France
Taro Sekiguchi Office worker Japan
Tatiana Lista Programmer Comédie de Genève Switzerland
Tatsuzo Takahashi Lawyer Japan
Tazz Nishihara Kyoto University for the Arts Japan
Teruki Uehara Director and editor-in-chief of Outside in Tokyo Japan
Theo Tsappos Swedish Film Institute Sweden
Thibaut Bracq Programmer at Festival Premiers Plans France
Thierry de Peretti Actor and Filmmaker France
Thierry Garrel Former Head of Documentaries at ARTE France, 1987/2008 France
Thierry Frémaux Director of the Cannes Film Festival and Lumière Institut France
Thom Andersen Filmmaker USA
Thomas Cailley Filmmaker France
Thomas Jenkoe Filmmaker France
Thomas Lilti Filmmaker France
Thomas Ordonneau Producer and distributor, Shellac France
Thorsten Trimpop Filmmaker and lecturer Massachusetts Institute of Technology USA
Tim Redford Programmer, Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival France
Todd Solondz Writer and filmmaker USA
Tomokazu Sagara Office worker Japan
Tomonori Sato Producer Japan
Tomoyo Kawai La Jetée Japan
Tonino de Bernardi Filmmaker Italy
Ulrich Kohler Filmmaker Germany
Un-Seong Yoo Film critic, former artistic director of Jeonju Film Festival South Korea
Una Feely IndieCork Film Festival Ireland
Ute Aurand Filmmaker Germany
Valentina Novati Producer at Norte France
Valérie Loiseleux Film editor France
Valérie Massadian Filmmaker, artist France
Valérie Mitteuaux Filmmaker France
Vanina Vignal Filmmaker France
Verena Paravel Filmmaker, Faculty associate, Sensory Ethnography Lab, Harvard University USA
Veton Nurkollari Director Dokufest Kosovo
Victor Erice Filmmaker Spain
Victor Gresard Distributor and programmer (Collectif Jeune Cinéma / Festival des Cinémas Différents de Paris) France
Victor Paz Morandeira Film critic, Programmer CGAI – Filmoteca de Galicia Spain
Vincent Dieutre Filmmaker France
Virgil Vernier Filmmaker France
Virginia García del Pino Filmmaker Spain
Vitor Graize Producer and filmmaker Brazil
Walter Salles Filmmaker and producer Brazil
Wissam Charaf Filmmaker France
Wouter Jansen Go Short – International Film Festival Nijmegen, Some Shorts distribution The Netherlands
Xavier Henry-Rashid Managing director, Film Republic UK
Yann Gonzalez Filmmaker France
Yasuhito Ohchi Actor Japan
Yousri Nasrallah Filmmaker Egypt
Yu Koreyasu Movie Assistant Director Japan
Yu Shibuya Student Japan
Yuji Ikeda Animator, Imagineering.Inc, Kobe Japan
Yuki Hidetake Critic and editor of japanese film magazine “NOBODY” Japan
Yukinori Kurokawa Filmmaker Japan
Yuko Fukuzaki Sophia University Japan
Yuko Tanaka Journalist Japan
Yvonne Irimescu Next International Film Festival Romania
Zelimir Zilnik Filmmaker Serbia
Zita Carvalhosa Kinoforum Brazil