VAI E VEM – ENCONTRO COM O CINEMA PORTUGUÊS is a project aimed at creating a decentralized and wide-ranging showcase for Portuguese cinema, proposing Portuguese films and filmmakers for circulation within their own country. VAI E VEM proposes two simultaneous journeys: a journey through contemporary Portuguese cinema, with programming that goes beyond genres and types of production, promoting a meeting of filmmakers and audiences, allowing them all to experience a broad perspective of the Portuguese cinema being produced today; and a journey across the country that Portuguese cinema imagined, through a retrospective of films made in each screening location, seeking to lead to the discovery of the profound but unknown affinities and correlations that exist between many of the places that will host the screenings and the Portuguese cinema that is getting made. VAI E VEM, thus, proposes a unique program which spans 5 months and is distributed all across the country, a program which builds on the creation of a collaborative network involving creators, producers, distributors and programmers (who may, then, locally, carry on with the work started by this project).


The VAI E VEM project is an initiative of Inês Sapeta Dias and Sérgio Marques, promoted by APR.